The study found a large array of associations between potentially modifiable ADRD risk factors and both loneliness and lack of social support.  Image Credit: Josealbafotos, Pixabay, CC0News Release

Social isolation is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementias

Analysis the data of more than half a million people in the UK and Canada discovers a link between social capital and Alzheimer's disease-related dementia
cute dogNews Release

Size, sex, and breed all influence dogs’ average age at cancer diagnosis

Giant breeds, males and purebred dogs tend to receive a cancer diagnosis at a re...
Olives have more than just liquid gold to offerNews Release

Olives can offer more than just "liquid gold"

(By ALEX WHITING, EU Horizon) -- Olive oil is a multibillion-euro global bus...
News Release

Sea level risks are underestimate by half of US coastal communities

Most regional assessments of sea level rise risks omit high-end scenarios, leading to potentially dangerous underestimates...
food of trans fatNews Release

5 billion people risk heart disease from trans fats

GENEVA — Five billion people globally remain unprotected from harmful trans fat,...

Researchers uncover 92 fossil nests belonging to India’s largest dinosaurs

The discovery of more than 250 fossilized eggs reveals intimate details about th...
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