The study found a large array of associations between potentially modifiable ADRD risk factors and both loneliness and lack of social support.  Image Credit: Josealbafotos, Pixabay, CC0News Release

Social isolation is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementias

Analysis the data of more than half a million people in the UK and Canada discovers a link between social capital and Alzheimer's disease-related dementia
cute dogNews Release

Size, sex, and breed all influence dogs’ average age at cancer diagnosis

Giant breeds, males and purebred dogs tend to receive a cancer diagnosis at a re...

Ukraine: New UN survey shows rural households are increasingly affected by the war

Kyiv/Rome – After nine mon...
Olives have more than just liquid gold to offerNews Release

Olives can offer more than just "liquid gold"

(By ALEX WHITING, EU Horizon) -- Olive oil is a multibillion-euro global bus...


News Release

Sea level risks are underestimate by half of US coastal communities

Most regional assessments of sea level rise risks omit high-end scenarios, leading to potentially dangerous underestimates...
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